Welcome to our adventure!

Join us on our journey in buying our first boat, sailing the world and sharing with you all the world has to offer! From learning unique recipes, attempting challenges and discovering new places with new friends, there is so much to experience!


2 Soulmates

1365 Miles Sailed

8 Countries Visited

11 Recipes Cooked

Call us crazy, but we've decided to pack up our lives in England to sail the world and experience the culinary culture from each continent! Saying goodbye to everything we know and love in a place we've called home for many years, is going to be the hardest thing we ever have to do.

But the stories, experiences and

people that are out there waiting

to be discovered will make it all

worth while. The journey of

a thousand miles starts

with a single step. 


Where will our journey take us?

Ahoy there!

We're Heath & Pook! 


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