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Nice to meet you!


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Hi, we're Pook & Heath.
Welcome or Sawasdee Ka! (meaning Hello in Thai) and yes that was the inspiration for the name of not only this site but our future boat.
You see, we recently did what to many seems completely mad, but to some it seems
an obvious lifestyle choice. We sold our house, downsized and are planning to spend the
difference on a catamaran so we can sail around the world!
With only a life's ambition to live life to the full, we have virtually no idea what we're doing.
Pook is from Thailand and is superb with food and I'm an Englishman with
a healthy appetite and a desire to sail around the whole world.
So we plan to write, film and share our culinary experiences of our lifestyles! 
Sailing is something else. After some classroom theory training, a course in Gibraltar and a couple of weeks chartering, we're now ready (we hope) to buy a catamaran to sail the world.
The blogs on this site will have links to Youtube vlogs and cooking tutorials and we invite you to subscribe and follow our journey with us. We have learned a lot about boats but have never actually yet owned one. So from choosing a boat, through buying and sailing one; we hope this site will keep us in touch with our family back home, old friends and those we are yet to meet!
Welcome to SawasdeeKat!
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