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Thai Crab Curry with Noodles

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Thai Crab Curry with Noodles


Big enough for up to 4 people and super tasty, this is a stunning dish for a special occasion and certainly has the Wow factor at the dinner table. You may want to refer back to the YouTube video from time to time here



2 kg crab

6-8 small tomatoes

2 stems chop spring onions

2 kiffir leaves very thinly sliced

1/2 cup coconut milk

Handful Coriander

300g of boiled noodles

for curry paste

6-8 chilli or more if you like very spicy
2 cm ginger
2 cm galangal
2  kiffir lime leaves
4 shallots (or 1 small red onion)
8-12 garlic cloves or more
2 tbsp oil (one for making paste, the other for cooking the paste)
1 tbsp fish sauce

200ml water
1 tsp palm sugar
1 tsp caster sugar

1 tsp curry powder


Step 1
Clean the crab. Scrub the shell with a brush to ensure there are no impurities. Place in boiling water for 15 minutes.

Remove and wait until cool.

Remove the claws and legs (as per my video on YouTube)

Use thumbs to remove lower shell and body from upper shell (Carapace)

Cut body of crab into quarters and remove meat from two quarters with a fork (discard these after)

Take meat out of legs and claws as per the YouTube video

Step 2  - Making curry paste

Blend 1 tbsp of oil and all of the other ingredients in a food processor until it makes a yellow/red looking paste (add a little more water if needed to get a paste consistency).
Separate the paste into two halves (We will use 1/2 of this paste for the crab and half for noodles)

Step 3 - Cooking the curry paste
Heat 1 tbs of oil in a pan over a low heat. Then sauté one half of the blended paste from step 2 for about 4 mins until fragrant. Add coconut milk and stir together well.

** Now Prepare a pan of boiling water for the noodles later

Step 4 - Cooking the Crab
Add the remaining two quarters of the body (from step 1) and fry with the curry paste until well coated for a couple of minutes.

Add in the rest of the crab meat and continue to cook for another couple of minutes.

Add fish sauce (for saltiness), sugar (for sweetness), pepper and water to your taste and continue sautéing for 2 minutes. 

Place the carapace (top shell) on top and cover with a lid for a final 2 minutes.
Add 2 kiffir lime leaves and tomatoes

Remove from heat and leave to rest

Step 5 - Cooking Noodles
Place fresh noodles in ** prepared boiling water from earlier for about 3 minutes or until al dente.

Drain water from noodles

Stir fry the noodles with the remaining curry paste from step 2

Add the crab to the noodles in the frying pan and mix together well.

Step 6 - Serving

Place crab and noodles on a serving dish.

Garnish with chopped spring onions, coriander and chilies.

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