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Salmon Teriyaki

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Salmon Teryiyaki

Serves 4 Cooking time about 20 mins


                4 x 120g Salmon fillets(skin on)

                Low calorie cooking spray or 1 tbsp vegetable oil

                Salt and pepper

                1 tbsp sesame seeds

                2 -4 stems of springs onion chopped into 1.5 inch


Ingredients for Teriyaki Sauce

                4 tbsp soy sauce

                ½ sesame oil

                ½ cup of water

                1 tbsp sugar

                1  tbsp honey

                2 cloves garlic minced

               1 cm of ginger grated

                2 tsp cornflower



  1. We are going to make “Teriyaki Sauce” first.

  2. Put soy-sauce, sesame oil, water, sugar, garlic, ginger, honey into the saucepan on the medium heat. Stir until all ingredients blend in for a few minutes. Then turn up the heat to high and bring to boil.

  3. Mix the cornflower with 1tbsp of cold water stir until dissolved into a paste. Add this mixture into the sauce, boil and stir until the sauce becomes thickened.

  4. Put the sauce aside.

  5. Heat the oil / cooking spray in a non-stick large pan over a high heat.

  6. Season salmon with salt and pepper to your liking. Then place the salmon skin side down onto the pan. Sear until the skin goes crispy (usually around 4 minutes). By now the sides of the salmon nearest the pan surface should have gone white but the top should still be pink.

  7. Turn salmon over to the other side for about another 3 minutes or until it is cooked through.

  8. Pour Teriyaki sauce around the salmon (not on it) and coat the salmon in the sauce on all sides APART from the skin as you want this to stay crispy.

  9. Add sesame seeds and green onions for about a minute.

  10. Plate up in your own style (maybe with more veg to garnish), and serve with hot boiled rice.

Love, Pook

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