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Yok Sung Recipe

If you have been to a Chinese restaurant in the UK, you have most likely seen this Yok Sung, Chinese lettuce wraps dish. It’s crunchy and very delicious!

As you can see, inside a leaf of an iceberg lettuce are tasty treasures, with contrasts of colours and textures. That, married with the crisp leaf of the iceberg lettuce is a real delight to eat. You just fold the leaf over and take a big bite and it's a yummy time.




  • Pork or Chicken or Beef or Meat-free Mince (we use 5% fat mince) - 350g

  • 1 tsp of vegetable oil

  • Sweet Pepper – ½ Yellow or Red are idea, chopped into cubes

  • Onion – ½ medium diced

  • Garlic - 1 clove chopped

  • Ginger - ½ inch chopped (optional)

  • Water Chestnuts tin(optional) - 7 chestnut slices into small cubes

  • Bamboo Shoots (optional) - 7 pieces of bamboo shoot and slice into cubes

  • Light Soy Sauce  - 1 tbsp

  • Oyster Sauce - 1 tbsp

  • Sesame oil -1 tsp (optional)

  • Iceberg Lettuce - 1 head



  1. Make the iceberg lettuce leaves by removing the centre of lettuce – the video shows you our technique. Put them in a basket or serving dish ready to serve.

  2. Heat the wok or pan to a medium heat and a little vegetable oil.

  3. Add Onions to the heated wok or pan and let them start to soften and cook

  4. Once they have just started to brown a little, add the mince, breaking the mince up with a spoon so it does not lump or to stick together.

  5. once the Beef has almost lost all its redness, add the chopped Carrots, Peppers, Garlic and chopped Ginger. Finally add then the Oyster sauce

  6. When these have just begun to soften a little, add the Soy sauce, chopped Water Chestnuts and sliced Bamboo Shoots. Finally add the Sesame oil and cook these for a couple more minutes so that you do not lose their crunch.

  7. Put into a serving dish and garnish with chopped Spring onions and Coriander leaves for decoration (optional)

  8. This can be served with a small side bowl of sweet chilli sauce


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